Our Mission

Our purpose is to help meet the workforce needs of manufacturers that will enable them to be more productive, more competitive, and profitable in an ever-changing and increasingly challenging global marketplace. We are the foremost authority on workforce training and development in our region.

Our Vision

The Manufacturers' Association Serves as Your Partner and Advocate 
for Manufacturing, Production and Logistics in Pennsylvania and Maryland

We are a regional trade organization, serving more than 325 member companies 
located within an almost ten-county region of Pennsylvania as well as three counties 
in Maryland. 

We were Founded in the strength of the region's industrial roots more than a century ago, and serve as an advocate and partner for manufacturing and its related businesses and industries. We offer two types of membership: General for manufacturers, and Associate memberships for non-manufacturers allowing different organizations and companies to partner with us and benefit from our services!

Group Insurance Products (Medical, Dental and Vision Plans)
Education and Training (A Comprehensive Training Curriculum)
Advocacy on Your Behalf to Government and Business Leaders
Workforce Development Programs for New or Existing Employees
A Variety of Business Surveys, HR Resources and Newsletters
Networking and Other Events in the Regional Business Community
Opportunities That Add Lasting Value to Your Organization 

Our Values A Commitment to Our Members

To treat each Association member, regardless of size, scope or location, with the same level of service and attention. To advocate and communicate within our communities and with our elected representatives in support and on behalf of all of our members. Through our programs, advocacy and relationships, to create value and help contribute to the success of our members, their employees and their stakeholders.

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Employers! Our 'Wake-Up' Session on Dec. 5: 'Marijuana and the Workplace'
Your Member Energy Co-Op Program with Shipley Energy
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December/2017 — Forklift Operator Train the Trainer
12/4 12/5/17 — Solid Works Surface Modeling
12/4 - 12/7/17 — A-6200: ControlLogix /Level 2 Maint. & Troubleshooting
12/7/2017 — Solid Works Fundamentals II
12/11 - 12/14/17 — Solid Works Fundamentals I
12/11 - 12/13/2017 — Industrial Electricity II - York
12/13/17 -1/122/2018 — Welding, TIG Fundamentals
12/18 - 12/20/2017 — Solid Works Advanced Part Modeling

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"A perfect speaker, at the perfect time. Your event always sets the tone for a business gathering in southcentral PA"   Annual Event attendee at 
Penn State's Pullo Center in York, PA
The Manufacturers' Association
160 Roosevelt Avenue
York, PA 17401
(717) 843-3891

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